Why Hire A Doula?

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Providing Care & Support

Doulas are not a new idea. Women supporting women through pregnancy, labour, birth and early motherhood is an ancient and worldwide practice: the whole village had their part to play in the arrival of new life.

In todays society where families are often geographically widespread and have busy work and life commitments, expectant and new parents can feel isolated and overwhelmed, having a doula by your side providing physical and emotional support throughout can help ensure you achieve a positive birth experience and a well supported and relaxed transition in to parenthood.


The Doula Effect

Known as ‘The Doula Effect” the evidence obtained from clinical research when a doula is present at birth shows a mother is:

  • More likely to have a spontaneous vaginal delivery
  • More likely to have a shorter labour
  • More likely to be successful with breast feeding
  • Less likely to give birth by Caesarean Section
  • Less likely to require an assisted delivery with forceps or ventouse
  • Less likely to need pain relief- including epidurals
  • Less likely to be dissatisfied or have negative feelings regarding their birth experience
  • Less likely to develop postnatal depression

I honestly believe it is absolutely possible for all women to have a really positive birth experience. Being supported, well informed and really cared for at this incredibly transformative time really does make a huge difference; whatever your choices for your birth may be.

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